Vocations, Volunteer & Post-grad Fair:
Wednesday, October 11

Vocations, Volunteer & Post-grad Fair:
Wednesday, October 11

Are you looking for ways you can serve the local community? Would you like to intern or possibly work for a non-profit organization? To help you find meaningful volunteer and service work as well as internships at nonprofit organizations, the Office of Personal Career Development and UD Campus Ministry are sponsoring a Vocations, Volunteer & Post-Grad Fair on Wednesday, October 11, from 1:30-4:30pm on the University Mall. Dozens of service  and nonprofit organizations and religious orders will  have representatives on hand to talk about the opportunities they have available. For a complete list of organizations participating, click here.

You may be able to earn course credit for service work or an internship, depending on the kind of work you do and the number of of hours you work. Contact OPCD for more details or ask an OPCD staff member at the fair.

Since many organizations are highly selective when choosing volunteers and interns, we asked representatives from a few of the participating groups to tell us what they’re hoping to see from students attending the fair. Here are their responses.

How can students best present themselves to you at the volunteer fair?

Jennifer Abdallah, Program Manager, AmeriCorps: Research our organization to see if AmeriCorps service is something they would be interested in (non-religious community service with children, paid with a living allowance and education award).

Lindsay Penn, Director of Volunteer Service, Make-A-Wish Foundation: We know that their class schedule and other activities determine their presentations, so any way that they feel comfortable. However, I would appreciate the students who choose to dress appropriately  to meet with potential internship employers (does not have to be “professional”).

Cindy Dale, Talent Acquisition Specialist, American Heart Association: Dressing business casual is fine. We understand that some students may be coming from class, etc. We want this event to be interactive and fun!

What would you like to hear in an “elevator” pitch?

Abdallah, AmeriCorps: Name, major, type of experience they are looking for.

Penn, Make-A-Wish Foundation: I would just like to have a candid conversation about the student’s interests in internship opportunities and how that opportunity might benefit him or her in the future based on course of study. What can he or she really bring to the table?

Dale, American Heart Association: We are happy to discuss what AHA does if no prior research has been done. They should be able to discuss why they want to be part of a non-profit organization.

Should students bring their resumes or anything else?

Abdallah, AmeriCorps: No resumes needed!

Penn, Make-A-Wish Foundation: Resumes would be great!

Dale, American Heart Association: Please no resumes. We will provide students information on how to join our talent community or how to apply for a job.


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