OPCD Offers Free Online Career Assessment

OPCD Offers Free Online Career Assessment

Having trouble choosing a career or major? Need a little help finding some direction? According to Gaby Martin, Counselor in the University of Dallas’ Office of Personal Career Development, an online assessment might be right for you. “We offer UD students the Focus 2 Assessment free of charge,” she said. “It can help you decide where to start your research on majors and career choices.”

Focus 2 is an online career self-assessment system that will help you explore your values, interests, personality and skills, and their relation to possible majors and careers. It then suggests areas for you to explore based on your answers. “Your results in Focus 2 are based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics,” Martin said. “They survey people doing various jobs and then determine what personality traits they have.”

After viewing your results, the next step is to research the majors and careers that sound appealing to you. Martin says to research careers using the Bureau of Labor Statistics website, where you’ll find data on just about any job title. “The website lists salaries, the short and long term outlooks for that career, as well as what’s required to work in the field,” she said.

But Martin warns against taking the Focus 2 results as prescriptive. Their purpose is to get you thinking about possibilities, not to tie you to a particular career or major. “Taking Focus 2 is the beginning of an inwardly focused process that will help you articulate what’s important to you and and then explore how those values translate into a major and a possible career.”

For more information on Focus 2 or to speak with a career counselor, visit our website.


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