Advice from an Entrepreneur: Laura Quinn–President, PJ Quinn Inc.

Advice from an Entrepreneur: Laura Quinn–President, PJ Quinn Inc.

A group of entrepreneurs spoke recently to students at the University of Dallas’ Satish & Yasmin Gupta College of Business. This series will highlight their best advice for those interested in starting their own businesses.

Laura Quinn–President, PJ Quinn Inc.

PJ Quinn Inc. is an independent pharmaceutical market research consultancy focusing on oncology.


  • I had a great job as a senior VP of a global pharmaceutical marketing company, but I never got to see my husband. I was stretched too thin, and my life wasn’t what I expected it to be, so I started my own company, PJ Quinn. It was scary. But was the best at what I did, so my clients followed me.
  • Take something you do and do it better than anybody else.
  • Owning my own business allows me to spend more time at home and do things that are important to me outside work.
  • My medical school background helped me differentiate myself. I brought more than marketing expertise to the table.
  • If you start your own business, you have to think about how you will want to grow. You have to plan for today, tomorrow, and the more distant future.
  • Starting out was nerve wracking. I worried about what would happen if my clients fell through. But now I can be selective about which clients I work with. I keep lots of cash reserves and I keep my risk tolerance low.

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