2017 Grad Lands Job at Facebook

2017 Grad Lands Job at Facebook

When it came time to start applying for jobs, 2017 UD graduate Alesia Gonzalez didn’t wait for her dream career to fall into her lap. “I started thinking about my passions and interests and how they related to my major in psychology and concentration in business,” she said.

Alesia Gonzalez

After extensively researching companies she found both interesting and inspiring, Gonzalez landed on Facebook’s corporate page and found a job posting for a recent college graduate. “The application process was really easy,” she said. “I just uploaded my resume.” And within a month, she had an offer for a position as an account manager in Facebook’s small and medium-sized business division.

Gonzalez believes that two factors contributed to her getting the job. “I’ve done two internships, one with a big company and one with a smaller company,” she said. “So my experience spoke for itself.” She also said that her time as an intern in a change-management role helped her see how her psychology degree translated into a career in sales and marketing. “Real world experience is invaluable,” she said. “It really helped me decide what I wanted to do in the future.”

Another important part of Gonzalez’s success was her commitment to learning everything she could about the Facebook as a company, as well as its goals and priorities. “I’m a research freak,” she said. “So I read everything I could and made sure I was prepared for the interview process.” That process turned out to be four rounds of interviews, including a case study for a fictional client. Even though she only received the details of that case study hours before the interview, Gonzalez said that her previous research and preparation helped her focus on what she knew about Facebook’s. “I could tell they want go-getters, people with intrinsic passion for doing things outside of school” Gonzalez said. “So I focused in the interviews on my ability to jump in and get things done.” Gonzalez will relocate to Austin to start her position in July.

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