OPCD Job Fair Essentials

OPCD Job Fair Essentials

“Hey, I think I’ll run by that job fair after class. I heard that one of the companies really likes UD grads.”

“But you’re wearing a tank top and cut-offs.”

“So what? I just want to grab the brochure and apply online.”

What’s wrong with this scenario, you ask? A job fair is more than just a “stop by if you can” kind of event. You can obtain advice about applying with a particular company directly from the company’s own staff. You might even get an interview!

Here’s how to prepare for an OPCD job fair

  • View a list of employers and professionals attending the job fair on the OPCD website. 
  • Research the employers with whom you would like to speak.
  • Prepare your resume and have a career counselor review it.
  • Bring several copies of your resume on quality paper—carry them in a folder or a portfolio.
  • Practice your 20 second introductory speech that includes 1) Who you are, 2) Your area of interest, 3) Why you are interested in their organization, 4) Relevant skills you have to offer. This could be the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU DO!

Making the most of the OPCD job fair

  • DRESS PROFESSIONALLY. For job fairs, campus recruiting events, and mock interviews, business attire is essential.
  • Collect business cards from every person with whom you speak in order to follow up and send thank you notes.

Click here to visit the OPCD website for more job fair, resume and interview tips.

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