College of Business Newsletter Notes from the OPCD: 2017 Job Seekers’ Resolutions

College of Business Newsletter Notes from the OPCD: 2017 Job Seekers’ Resolutions

Many times, job seekers feel like they lack direction or sense of purpose as they navigate the process of finding positions and applying for jobs. To gain direction and hold oneself accountable, developing personal standards about how to approach the job search can be a valuable exercise.

This year, if you are seeking new employment, we encourage you to resolve to stay true to a solid approach consistently over a period of time. Write your own framework for successfully engaging in a job search, or adopt some of the ideas below:

2017 Job Seekers’ Resolutions


  • I will apply for positions for which I am clearly qualified (5 per week if I’m actively searching).


  • I will meet three people per week who are working in or recruiting for a field in which I want to work, through events, informational interviews, and other means such as virtual meetings (via LinkedIn, phone calls, emails, etc.).


  • I will edit my own resume as if I were a recruiter or hiring manager for the position I am seeking, improving its content and format accordingly.


  • I will practice answering interview questions and internalize answers that are specific, informative, and relevant.


  • I will consider the process of securing a job to be a full-time job in itself and will prioritize it in terms of time, resources, and organization.


  • If I become discouraged, I will share my concerns with trusted friends, colleagues, or faculty rather than giving up.
  • I will acknowledge if I am struggling to present myself professionally in networking, resume building, or interviewing, and I will ask for assistance.
  • If I am not employed, I will volunteer with a nonprofit.
  • I will educate myself on key subject matter related to my chosen profession and will converse with others and/or teach others about my field of expertise.
  • I will educate myself on the barriers to entering my desired profession and determine how to close the gaps between what I can currently contribute within that field and what I will need to do to gain entry into the field.

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