Career Development and Alumni Relations Launch Alumni Advisory Panel

Career Development and Alumni Relations Launch Alumni Advisory Panel

Monica Abbracciamento, Alumni Advisory Panel member

The UD Office of Personal Career Development and the Alumni Relations Department have launched a virtual alumni advisory panel in which students can connect with experienced alumni and pose questions on career-related topics.

The virtual panel boasts of 33 members from a variety of career fields and graduation years. Students can post questions to the entire panel or to individual panel members. Questions and answers are posted on the Office of Personal Career Development’s blog. Students can also scroll through past questions and answers to look for topics that interest them.

Panelist Monica Abbracciamento (BA History, 2011) said that she’s serving on the panel because she’s grateful for her UD education and the impact it’s had on her professional growth. “I wanted to serve as a resource for students facing the same decisions I once faced,” she said.

Abbracciamento also believes that good mentors are crucial for the success of young professionals. “Liberal arts candidates, in particular, have many ways of adding value to business and other organizations,” she said. “I’d love to offer perspective and advice based on my own unique career progression.”

Click here to view the alumni advisors and pose questions or select the “Ask an Alumnus” menu on the OPCD blog’s home page.

To make an appointment with an OPCD career counselor, click here.


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