3 UD Students Embark on Important Internships

3 UD Students Embark on Important Internships

Three University of Dallas students are embarking on amazing internships this summer–two to Rome and one to Brussels. And they learned about these once-in-a-lifetime opportunities by reading emails from the Office of Personal Career Development.

Maureen O’Toole, Teresa Haney, Will McEvoy

Teresa Haney (Politics19) has an accepted a political internship with the Holy See in Rome. “I’ll be doing lots of research into things like the ties between the Vatican and other embassies and countries,” she said.

Maureen O’Toole (Politics ’19) has accepted an internship in political diplomacy with the Holy See. “I’ll be in meetings with diplomats, taking notes, writing updates and briefs, and sending reports back to Washington” she said. “And I’ll also get to make travel arrangements for visitors and attend events.”

Will McEvoy (Economics ‘19) will be a public affairs intern for NATO in Brussels. “I’ll be working at the U.S. Embassy to advocate on behalf of NATO to both European and American citizens. I’ll stay ahead of press briefings and update social media to that end.”

O’Toole said that she believed the Rome experience was one thing that made all of their applications competitive. “We’ve all studied abroad and we won’t be as overwhelmed by the experience,” she said.

McEvoy agreed. “My interviewer told me I was one of the only candidates who had visited more than two countries. I’ve been to twelve, many of them NATO countries, so I mentioned that it in my personal statement.” The person who ultimately hired McEvoy also told him that the style of his writing in his personal statement stood out. “She said it was not written like a typical research paper.”

Haney said she thinks her internship at the Vatican will help her discern if politics is right for her. “Attending UD has instilled lofty ideals in me about social justice,” she said. “I’m looking forward to discerning if public policy work will help me achieve those ideals.”

O’Toole said the internship in Rome is her dream job. “I’m interested in political journalism so being in Rome will help me discern if this is my path.”

McEvoy said he has always been interested in NATO as a way to promote peace and achieve the lofty ideals that O’Toole speaks of, albeit from a different perspective. He also said that although not being paid for the internship presents a challenge, it makes the experience all the more worthwhile. “I believe that voluntarily serving your country shows your commitment to your ideals. You have to make sacrifices in order to achieve your goals.”

Julie Jernigan, Director of UD’s Office of Personal Career Development, wants to remind students that there are other amazing internships available: “UD students are uniquely competitive for high-level and international positions. So read the emails we send you!”

For more information of internships or to make an appointment with a career counselor, click here.

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