LinkedIn from a Recruiter’s Perspective

LinkedIn from a Recruiter’s Perspective

As a recruiter for a national hospital system, UD alumna Anna Sowder (Business ‘15) sees LinkedIn profiles every day. Unfortunately, many fall short for a variety of reasons. In hopes of helping out UD students and grads, Anna has given us a recruiter’s perspective on how to improve your LinkedIn profile.

Anna Sowder
Anna Sowder

Post a picture!
While Anna acknowledges that some people think a photo might allow an employer to discriminate, she believes that it actually shows that you cared enough to take your time in building your profile: “It makes it more personal and allows people to see you as a PERSON, which is what we all want.” Make sure to dress professionally in your photo–that means no T-shirts for men and no low necklines for women.

Always keep your profile updated with your current role
This is one of Anna’s pet peeves: “Even if you aren’t really in the market for a job, you should ALWAYS update your profile! We message people all the time with opportunities to see if they would be willing to make a switch.” Anna says that although having the right contacts will often get you a job, recruiters are now actively emailing potential candidates based on the roles listed in their LinkedIn profiles: “You don’t always know what other people see in you until you get that email that says, ‘Hey, we think you’d be a good fit for this job. Wanna check it out?’”

If you really, really, really want/need a job, attach a resume or cover letter
Anna says that a resume gives a recruiter something to print out so she can compare you to other candidates. “It also makes it easier to pass on to the hiring manager/executives,” she said.

Remember, LinkedIn is NOT social media  
Anna is adamant about this point: “Your LinkedIn profile is your professional face to the rest of the world! So make it that way! Show that you have good judgement, can be professional, and should be trusted!” According to Anna’s HR Manager, her company’s head recruiter, this is the most important aspect of a LinkedIn profile.

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