Dean Crawford: Member of UD Alumni Advisory Panel (Launching Soon)

Dean Crawford: Member of UD Alumni Advisory Panel (Launching Soon)

The Office of Personal Career development is working with the Office of Alumni Relations to bring the expertise and advice of UD’s outstanding alumni network directly to students. When the panel goes live, UD students will be able to peruse the background of participating panelists and pose questions to alumni from a variety of career fields. Here’s one of our panel members.

Dean Crawford

BA Mathematics, 1994

Career Sector: Consulting

Graduate Degree: MS, Mathematical Engineering, University of Texas at Dallas

Current Job Title: Senior Consulting Actuary

Employer: Willis Towers Watson

What career path led to your current position?

I was a high school math teacher for five years after UD and graduate school and then decided to pursue a career which combined my communication skills from a liberal arts university with my love for mathematics.

What kind of credentials, education, training, prior experience are needed to pursue this path?

Successful progress toward the completion of actuarial exams are ultimately needed in this career. Credentials are earned through the Society of Actuaries and the IRS Enrolled Actuary programs. Typically, full certification takes 6-10 years as you work as an analyst in the field.

How was your major and/or your degree from UD related to your current work?

UD encourages communication skills as a measure of true intellectual success. My clients appreciate an ability to share complex ideas in an applicable manner to drive change in their organizations. A math degree from UD demonstrates a student’s ability to think outside the box and master concepts across the mathematical spectrum. Narrow minds do not succeed at UD or in the consulting world.


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