Alumni Spotlight: Harshal Kulkarni

Alumni Spotlight: Harshal Kulkarni

Harshal Kulkarni lives in Irving, but convenience isn’t the only reason he chose the University of Dallas’ MBA program. “I looked at the ratings of some other programs in the area and was impressed with UD’s. And after researching the faculty profiles, I could see that the instructors at UD had vast industry experience,” Kulkarni said.

As a programmer, Kulkarni knew that he would need to hone his business leadership skills in order to advance within his company. He began his MBA studies after he was promoted to a management role, leading a team of twenty five. “I was able to apply what I learned in the MBA classes directly to my work. It was like on-the-job training,” he said. Kulkarni explained that the breadth and depth of the classes challenged him to do something different, to concentrate on the soft skills that make good leaders.

Reflecting on his experience in UD’s MBA program, Kulkarni offered this advice to incoming students: “Focus on the complex soft skills you are learning in your interactions with other students. Finance and accounting are important, of course, but the leadership skills you learn in the program have the most value and will lead to the greatest understanding of your role as a manager.”

Kulkarni is a Technology Services Manager at BNSF Railway. He graduated from the University of Dallas’ MBA program in 2014.

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