Zofia K, Physics (Engineering)
Alumni Advisor
Major:BS Physics
Grad Year:2012
Career Sector:Engineering
Graduate Degree:MS Mechanical Engineering, University of Minnesota
Current Job Title:ELP Engineer
Current Employer:National Instruments

What was your career path that led you to your current position?

After working as a physics researcher for a year, I decided engineering was a better fit for me. I got my Master's and then spent about 6-8 months looking for work. I connected with National Instruments through a job fair hosted by U of MN.

What kind of credentials, education, training, prior experience are needed?

I needed a minimum GPA and an appropriate degree. I think my current employer would be willing to look at Computer Science and Physics grads.

How was your major and/or your degree from UD related to your current work?

My work at UD helped me get into a grad school that was appropriate for my career goals (engineering). I think the amount of experience I had in writing and the technical skills from physics were also very helpful.

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