Stan M., Economics (Retired-Sales Operations and Sales Management, Project Management)
Alumni Advisor
Major:BA Economics and Master of Business Administration
Career Sector:Sales Operations and Sales Management, Project Management
Current Job Title: Retired, VP / Director, Sales Operations, Business Operations
Current Employer:Fujitsu, Cisco, HP, Compaq, and others

What was your career path that led you to your current position?

Manufacturing planning and line management, distribution management, Sales Operations management.

What kind of credentials, education, training, prior experience are needed?

Dealing with people (retail); relating to Salespeople, Project Management.

How was your major and/or your degree from UD related to your current work?

General business including accounting, management, operations management, human resources, basic economics. UD taught me the discipline of critical thinking, to consider all aspects of a situation and see the big picture. 

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