Cooper W., Philosophy (Attorney)
Alumni Advisor
Major:BA Philosophy
Grad Year:2012
Career Sector:Legal
Graduate Degree:Juris Doctor, Texas A&M University School of Law
Current Job Title:Attorney
Current Employer:Malone Akerly Martin PLLC

What was your career path that led you to your current position?

While in law school, I interned with a judge, a litigation firm, and a family law clinic in order to help determine what area of law I wanted to pursue.  After taking the bar and deciding I wanted to pursue litigation, I utilized my contacts to find firms that were looking for associates in the Dallas area with my skill set.  As a result, I was hired by Malone Akerly Martin PLLC.

What kind of credentials, education, training, prior experience are needed?

In order to become a licensed attorney in the state of Texas, one must earn a bachelors degree, a juris doctor, and pass the Texas Bar.

How was your major and/or your degree from UD related to your current work?

In order to be an effective attorney, one must be able to think through complex issues, find solutions to those issues, and explain those solutions both in written and oral form.  My degree in Philosophy was the cornerstone in developing these skills.

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