Chris G., Business (Corporate Trainer)
Alumni Advisor
Major:BA Business
Grad Year:2015
Career Sector:Software, Business Services
Current Job Title:Corporate Trainer
Current Employer:Trintech, Inc.

What was your career path that led you to your current position?

-Graduated with a degree in business from UD 

- Internship at a software company for their corporate training team, housed under HR. (NOTE: Do not be afraid to take an internship right after graduation. That's often a great way to get a full-time offer while getting to see if you like the company where you are working)

- Brought on full time to same company as Training Coordinator

- Promoted to Corporate Trainer - transitioned to another software company as a corporate trainer to help build their training department from the ground up

What kind of credentials, education, training, prior experience are needed?

Degree in Business, Human Resources, or Adult Learning & Development. Some business experience required (internships, work).

How was your major and/or your degree from UD related to your current work?

A Corporate Trainer has to understand a company's overall business strategy very well in order to train various people in the company's overall processes, procedures and applications (this is especially relevant in software).  A business degree plays a critical role in being able to do this.

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