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Alumni Answers:
Jobs for Theology Majors

Alumni Answers:
Jobs for Theology Majors

Dear Alumni,
What jobs can you get with a degree in theology from UD? Have most paired theology with some “more practical” discipline? Hannah, Junior Theology Major

Victoria W. (BA Psychology, 2013), Scrum Master at Southwest Airlines

Hi Hannah, I would start with what you’re interested in. Do you want to teach, or be involved in pastoral ministry? If so, I’d talk to faculty in those departments, potentially the education department as well. If you’re more interested in the business world, I’d strongly suggest taking business classes and speaking with the business faculty. Look for internships where you can build real experiences. Many employers love liberal arts majors. I’d be prepared to speak to what your major brings (writing and research skills, true critical thinking skills, dispassionate arguing, etc.) beyond the content you’ve learned. I’d also suggest looking at the non-profit world. I can’t answer if most have paired it with a “more practical” discipline. But, I can say that UD will prepare you for a variety of jobs. You just have to be willing to search for the right opportunities (same as any business or “practical” major). Best of luck!

Bethany L. (BA Sculpture, 2003), Self-employed visual artist

Dear Junior Theology Major,
I was an art major and graduated in 2003. The classmates I know who were theology majors currently are employed as bankers, teachers, homemakers, priests, hmm, and that’s all I can think of. When I was a student, Fr. Lehrberger gave me some advice that I remember well. He suggested I find somewhere to do a year of service after graduation. I didn’t listen to him then, but years later, I was a missionary with an organization in the Bronx called LAMP that did evangelization with the materially poor. They supported me, and a theology degree would have been a nice thing to have earned prior to going there.
I’ve worked as a restaurant manager, office manager, missionary, postulant in religious life, and currently as a self-employed artist. My major was not particularly practical. It didn’t get me a job, but I didn’t really expect it to. My advice would be to focus on what it is you would like to do first. Maybe you don’t need to major in anything else. Maybe you go to technical school after UD or take an on-line course. And, make the most of your time at UD. An education can give you a lot more than a job.
All the best, and God bless you,
Bethany Lee, ’03

Wendy R. (BA English, 2007), Self-employed writer

The two obvious routes for a Theology major are teaching in a private school or working for a parish or non-profit; however, I think job searches depend more on the individual than on the major. If you have enough motivation and gumption, you can make any major work to your advantage. As a professional resume writer, I see countless resumes with degrees that do not pertain to the individual’s career. I see that you are a junior, so it may be difficult at this point to seek out a double major in something more “practical” as you mentioned in your question. If you do not want to follow the traditional track of theology majors, I would suggest focusing on internships in fields that interest you, networking (consider joining Young Catholic Professionals chapter in Dallas), and finding summer jobs that build actual skills and develop contacts. Best of luck.

Todd S. (MBA Organizational Development 2012), Self-employed Talent Development Consultant

I think you can get any job you want as long as you have good grades and can relate your learning to whatever discipline you are applying for. Degrees are important, but not as important as how you can show that the skills you learned and experiences you had in college translate directly to the job you are looking for.