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It’s Never Too Early to Visit the Office of Personal Career Development

It’s Never Too Early to Visit the Office of Personal Career Development

Welcome back to campus!

Now that you’ve survived the first week of classes, it’s time to get to know the Office of Personal Career Development.

No matter what year you are (we’re talking to you freshmen), OPCD can help guide you on the path to achieving your career and vocational goals.

What services does OPCD provide?

On Campus Events
Last year, OPCD hosted 91 events, featuring 129 unique speakers and employers on campus. This included speakers on academic topics, as well as panelists and alumni from nearly every career field. Many of our speakers and panelists represent employers who are already inclined to hire UD students after graduation or as interns. Click here to receive event alerts by email or text.

Job and internship search assistance
UD Career Link is the OPCD’s online database that gives students and alumni direct access to search for full-time, part-time, and internship positions. Students and recent graduates already have an account in CareerLink and can typically log in using their email as username and nine-digit ID number as password. Click here for a list of internship databases in addition to CareerLink.

And remember to OPT IN to receive mobile job and event alerts. You can choose which job categories interest you most.

If you’re still having trouble finding a job or internship, click here to make an appointment with an OPCD counselor.

Resume Help
Whether you’re applying for a job, an internship, grad school, or a prestigious scholarship or fellowship, OPCD can help you craft a resume that matches highlights your skills and experience. Click here to make an appointment for your resume review.

Guidance on Choosing a Career Field or Major
OPCD offers UD students Focus2, an online education and career interests assessment and planning tool. The online assessment will ask you a series of questions to gauge your interest in a variety of activities, then find the career fields and majors that best match your answers. Keep in mind, though, that Focus2 is just tool and not an absolute prescription for which path you should take. Contact Gaby Martin in our office for more information about Focus2.

GST 1117 Career Development
This course will help you develop techniques and strategies for identifying your fields of interest, developing your personal branding, and conducting an effective job search. You’ll learn to assess your marketable skills, research the marketplace, build a personal brand and develop a network of contacts. During the class, you’ll also learn how to write effective resumes and cover letters, as well as how to conduct yourself in an interview. Speak with your advisor or visit our website for more information about the class.

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Students Forming
Women in STEM Club at UD

Students Forming
Women in STEM Club at UD

Why are there so few women in STEM fields and what can we do about it? Last year, students at the University of Dallas decided to tackle those questions head-on by forming a Women in STEM club at UD.

Patricia Hahn and Rebecca Kolbeck

Last spring, Rebecca Kolbeck, a senior biology major, joined a few friends for informal talks about starting a Women in STEM club at UD. “Some of the women who were in the STEM majors and were about to graduate mentored us and encouraged us to think about forming a club,” she said. They started out with a few informal events, including discussions about what the club would look like and even a trip to see the movie Hidden Figures for inspiration. Patricia Hahn, senior biochemistry major, and Tessa Rosenberger, junior physics major, are two other founding members of the group.

As the fall 2017 semester begins, Kolbeck and other members have turned to Dr. Sally Hicks, Chair of the Physics Department, and Dr. Ellen Steinmiller, Associate Professor of Chemistry, as mentors for the club. “We’re really in the formative stages now,” Kolbeck said. “So we’d like to research statistics on women in STEM majors at UD. We’d like to find out if female STEM grads actually go into STEM fields after graduation. And if not, why?”

Kolbeck hopes to eventually bring speakers to campus that can not only inspire young women to pursue STEM careers, but also prepare them for the challenges they might face in the traditionally male-dominated STEM fields. “We’d like to hear from alumni, female professionals, and UD professors about how they overcame the obstacles to being women in STEM,” she said. 

Kolbeck visualizes the Women in STEM Club inspiring the next generation as well. “We’d eventually like to talk about women in STEM fields in a broader sense, including how we, as college students, can motivate high school and middle school girls into pursuing STEM education,” she said.

For more information on women in STEM fields, read the American Association of University Women’s research report on the subject here.

For help in choosing a major or career field, make an appointment with an OPCD career counselor.


John Posey: Member of
UD Alumni Advisory Panel
(Launching Soon)

John Posey: Member of
UD Alumni Advisory Panel
(Launching Soon)

The Office of Personal Career development is working with the Office of Alumni Relations to bring the expertise and advice of UD’s outstanding alumni network directly to students. When the panel goes live, UD students will be able to peruse the background of participating panelists and pose questions to alumni from a variety of career fields. Here’s one of our panel members.

John Posey

BA Politics, 1987
Career Sector: Public Service
Graduate Degrees: Master of Arts, Politics, Braniff Graduate School of Liberal Arts
Master of Public Affairs, University of Texas at Austin
Current Job Title: Analyst IV
Current Employer: Legislative Budget Board

What career path led to your current position?

I studied public affairs at the LBJ school of public affairs at the University of Texas at Austin. I have been analyzing criminal justice data in one way or another since 1994 .

What kind of credentials, education, training, prior experience are needed to pursue this path?

A Master’s degree in politics or public affairs or statistics helps a lot. A person needs experiencing analyzing quantitative data.

How was your major and/or your degree from UD related to your current work?

My education at the University of Dallas taught me how to think, how to read, and how to write. Those three things go along way in any field, including this one.

Victoria Williamson: Member of UD Alumni Advisory Panel (Launching Soon)

Victoria Williamson: Member of UD Alumni Advisory Panel (Launching Soon)

Victoria Williamson

BA Psychology, 2013

Career Sectors: Healthcare, Technology

Graduate Degree: Master of Arts, Psychology
Braniff Graduate School of Liberal Arts

Current Job Title: Program Manager

Current Employer: Catalyst Health Network

What career path led to your current position?

I interned for a technology recruiting and professional services company during my final year of grad school. The VP of Professional Services was interested in my background in psychology. Once I completed my masters, he hired me to work with our technology teams. I became involved in our organizational training and client services programs. After two years, I joined a healthcare start up as their technology and program manager specialist. I’m currently working for this organization. I specialize in designing technology products and managing new product offerings.

What kind of credentials, education, training, prior experience are needed to pursue this path?

A bachelor’s degree is absolutely required. A master’s degree is strongly preferred, but could be acquired later. More than anything, you need a strong work ethic and a drive to solve any problem.

How was your major and/or your degree from UD related to your current work?

My background in psychology has proved invaluable. My employers specifically hired me for the psychological insights I bring to the table.  

Applying for Prestigious
Scholarships and Fellowships

Applying for Prestigious
Scholarships and Fellowships

Have you ever dreamed about studying at Oxford University? Pursuing advanced research at MIT?  Where will you go after your studies conclude here? Is there a Rhodes, Fulbright, or Truman in your future?

Image courtesy of Fastweb

Merit based prestigious scholarships and fellowships enable select students the opportunity to undertake undergraduate or graduate studies or research experiences, either domestically or abroad. Candidates who are awarded these scholarships have achieved meaningful recognition and experiences of life-long significance. For a list of opportunities, visit UD’s Prestigious Scholarships and Fellowships website.

The road to earning these nationally competitive awards is rigorous and personally challenging. And while preparing an application for one of these awards can seem daunting, the Office of Personal Career Development and the designated faculty advisors for each award are here to help. “OPCD can also give you information about which scholarships and fellowships are available and give you advice on the application process,” said Gaby Martin, Prestigious Scholarships and Fellowships Advisor. Deadlines for these awards vary, and staying on top of what is due when is a crucial step in the application process.
While the major fellowships and scholarships such as Rhodes, Fulbright, and Truman require a school nomination, many others do not. For those, as well as the nominated scholarships, seek assistance from the specific scholarship/fellowship’s advisor, as well as from faculty in your area of study, your academic advisor, the Academic Success Office, and Ms. Martin from OPCD. This will ensure that each application is representative of your best work.

Although OPCD and faculty advisors will work with well-qualified individuals, it is ultimately up to you to submit a well-written application and to get the supporting documents in order to be nominated.  

For more information, contact OPCD.