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SunTrust Robinson Humphrey Recruiting Event

SunTrust Robinson Humphrey Recruiting Event

SunTrust Robinson Humphrey will hold an on-campus information and recruiting event on Tuesday, August 30, at 3:00pm in SB Hall Room 138. And although he will be talking about the corporate and investment banking arm of the firm, UD alum John Norton encourages majors from across campus to attend. “I wanted to do this event because I know that UD has the caliber of students who can succeed in this job,” he said. Norton stressed that even if they don’t think they are particularly interested in investment banking, students should come to hear what a “day in the life” of a Portfolio Manager Analyst is like.

“I think UD students will be surprised to hear how their critical thinking skills apply to Portfolio Manager Analyst position.”

“The Portfolio Manager Analyst synthesizes complex financial information and provides clear and concise industry and company analysis,” Norton said.

Seniors are encouraged to submit resumes in advance to John Norton (UD Alumnus) at Selected candidates will be interviewed on Friday, September 9.

Learn more at

RSVP at or via CrusaderConnect

Help! I need ______(a job, an internship, community service)!

Help! I need ______(a job, an internship, community service)!

The quickest, easiest and most efficient way to get solid leads for jobs, internships and community service is to use OPCD’s OPT IN reminder service. By signing up, you will receive these leads via email, text or both. These time-sensitive opportunities have been vetted by our staff and cover varying geographies–local, regional, national and even some international positions.

For alerts on all available undergraduate jobs and internships, click on this link:
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residential_life_0037_udallas0513Click on these links for alerts on opportunities in specific areas:
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You must sign up for each individual area of interest. You may choose to receive alerts by email, text, or both. Pay close attention to deadlines within each posting. You may Opt out when you no longer want to receive messages.

OPCD will not be sending mass emails for individual job postings–OPT IN is our primary way of sending out job postings and information about on-campus recruiting events.

To make appointment with a OPCD career adviser, click here.

LinkedIn from a Recruiter’s Perspective

LinkedIn from a Recruiter’s Perspective

As a recruiter for a national hospital system, UD alumna Anna Sowder (Business ‘15) sees LinkedIn profiles every day. Unfortunately, many fall short for a variety of reasons. In hopes of helping out UD students and grads, Anna has given us a recruiter’s perspective on how to improve your LinkedIn profile.

Anna Sowder
Anna Sowder

Post a picture!
While Anna acknowledges that some people think a photo might allow an employer to discriminate, she believes that it actually shows that you cared enough to take your time in building your profile: “It makes it more personal and allows people to see you as a PERSON, which is what we all want.” Make sure to dress professionally in your photo–that means no T-shirts for men and no low necklines for women.

Always keep your profile updated with your current role
This is one of Anna’s pet peeves: “Even if you aren’t really in the market for a job, you should ALWAYS update your profile! We message people all the time with opportunities to see if they would be willing to make a switch.” Anna says that although having the right contacts will often get you a job, recruiters are now actively emailing potential candidates based on the roles listed in their LinkedIn profiles: “You don’t always know what other people see in you until you get that email that says, ‘Hey, we think you’d be a good fit for this job. Wanna check it out?’”

If you really, really, really want/need a job, attach a resume or cover letter
Anna says that a resume gives a recruiter something to print out so she can compare you to other candidates. “It also makes it easier to pass on to the hiring manager/executives,” she said.

Remember, LinkedIn is NOT social media  
Anna is adamant about this point: “Your LinkedIn profile is your professional face to the rest of the world! So make it that way! Show that you have good judgement, can be professional, and should be trusted!” According to Anna’s HR Manager, her company’s head recruiter, this is the most important aspect of a LinkedIn profile.

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Work/Study Job Fair Tomorrow!

Work/Study Job Fair Tomorrow!

Need a work/study job this semester? Look no further!
Don’t miss the Work/Study Job Fair hosted by Human Resources and the Office of Personal Career Development on Tuesday, August 23, from 2:30pm-4:00pm in Upstairs Haggar. Representatives from campus departments will be recruiting to fill their work/study positions.

Want to improve your chances of getting a job? Be on time, be prepared and and bring your resume!
Many departments hire ON THE SPOT so get there early and make a good impression by dressing in business casual attire. Bring copies of your resume if you have one and be prepared to discuss your specific skills and experience with the hiring managers present. Double-check to make sure you have all of the required documentation to begin work (you got an email with this information if you are eligible for work/study).

Not eligible for work/study? Come Anyway!
There will be a small number of non-work/study positions available, in addition to an outside employer who is looking for a few part-time workers.

Need more advice on getting a job? We’re here to help!
OPCD career advisers will be available to help students who are looking for off-campus employment.