Featured Library Staff Member: Dean Cherie Hohertz

Featured Library Staff Member: Dean Cherie Hohertz



Cherie Hohertz is Dean of University Libraries at University of Dallas. Get to know her in this interview!

What is your job at Blakley library? What do you do?

I am the Dean of University Libraries and Research. I oversee all of the daily operations of the library, but the majority of my job includes library planning and assessment, budgeting, and administrative work. Making sure the library runs smoothly.

What made you want to work in a library?

I don’t think I ever knew I wanted to work in a library until I started working in one. My undergraduate degree is in piano performance and I quickly learned I couldn’t support myself with a piano degree. I saw an ad for a library job that was mainly clerical, so I took it. Once I started working there, I realized that I loved it and could see myself as a librarian. It was a match made in heaven!

What has your education been like?

I have an Bachelor’s of Music in piano performance and a Masters in Library Science. In library school I concentrated on information architecture, information management, and library management.

What is your favorite part of working in the library?

I think my favorite part is that everything is always changing, so you have to stay up on technology and library trends. This is not a profession where you do the same thing every single day. There are always challenges and I love that a big part of my job is problem solving.

What is your favorite resource Blakley offers?

There are several. I love LexisNexis because of the international newspapers. If there’s some current event, it’s good getting all different perspectives (and I love that it has the translate feature!). I also love browsing the images in ArtStor. No matter the subject, there are always images in there that can help tell the story.

Tell us about some of your hobbies or interests outside of the library. Outside of the library?

Is there life outside of the library???? Really, I enjoy reading, knitting, spending time with my husband, Jason, and our two daughters, Sarah and Rachel.

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