Spotlight: Candice Teague

Spotlight: Candice Teague

Graduate students share advice, favorite memories and how they’ve been impacted by their UD experience


What is your current occupation, and what are some of your responsibilities in that role?

I’m a cybersecurity manager in the Cyber Transformation service line at Ernst & Young. Much of my time is spent helping clients identify and implement solutions to the many security challenges they face on a daily basis. Solutions include a range of people, processes and technology — enabling better security and risk decision, reducing costs related to managing security risk, and improving their overall security posture. Other responsibilities include being a career coach and mentor; providing active coaching to counselees; and building relationships to help drive their ideas and skills toward being successful.

What made you decide to pursue a graduate degree at UD?

I was interested in pursuing my MBA to give me greater leverage to explore new career opportunities. I have always worked in technology and risk management, both fields that offer unlimited career growth. The MBA at the University of Dallas has given me better insight into the full suite of business, like finance, supply chain management, leadership and effectiveness, to name a few, and help round out my skills and knowledge as a professional.

Do you have a favorite class?

Honestly, I can’t single out just one class. I started each class with an open mind and worked hard for what that class intended to teach. Each class and professor had their own style and flavor. The classes that weren’t my strongest I appreciated more because I worked that much harder. I was the student always emailing the professor and asking questions. I had a good experience in which professors were responsive and helped me in any way they could to do well in those classes.

What advice do you have for incoming students?

Be authentic. Be yourself. Be OK with not being the top student in every class. Take the time to build your strengths and work hard to improve your development areas. Development areas can be some of your greatest accomplishments. Know that professors are there to help. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and also don’t be afraid to reach out to classmates for help. My classmates helped me in more ways than I expected both personally and as a UD graduate student.

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