MS or MBA: Which Business School Degree is Best for You?

MS or MBA: Which Business School Degree is Best for You?

Students apply to graduate business school for a variety of reasons. While many simply want to expand or update their knowledge in a particular field, an overwhelming majority want to increase their job opportunities.

If you find yourself in the latter group, you probably fall into one of three categories:

  • you’re looking to enhance on your current work experience and develop your career.
  • you’re interested in changing your career.
  • you are an aspiring entrepreneur.

Whichever category you fall into will help assess whether an MBA or a specialized Master of Science(MS) degree is best for you.

The typical UDallas student has seven to 10 years of work experience. Many of those students know they want to remain in their current industry but are looking to accelerate their career by learning management skills and develop their business acumen.

For these students, an MBA or an MBA with a specialized concentration can help them achieve their goals. The program will provide students the core leadership, managerial and other skills necessary to excel in the corporate environment.

“For me it was really about wanting to accelerate the progression in my chosen industry (which is PR),” said Christopher Fuller, vice president of brand and corporate communications at Arby’s Restaurant Group, Inc.

Fuller knew he wanted to stay in the public relations field and hoped to enhance on his many years of experience by learning more about management and running a business. He earned an MBA in Marketing in 2007.

“I was just now working on a sales announcement where we’re announcing our annual sales performance. I could have muddled through that, but having the MBA, I can understand it and provide guidance and counsel on how we communicate our sales performance,” said Fuller.

Changing Your Career

Other students are looking for a change – sometimes a radical career change or perhaps transition into a role that is similar to their past experience.

In these cases a specialized M.S. degree can be a valuable resource. These programs provide in-depth courses focused on a particular field. Students will embark on a comprehensive education of the field and develop the skills necessary to succeed.

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Aspiring Entrepreneur

A number of students are motivated by a desire to start their own business. Most know what they want to do or have an idea and hope to use their graduate courses to create a solid plan. In these cases an MBA can be helpful in developing the skills necessary to get started.

Lloyd Lowe, founder of LD Lowe Wealth Advisory, was working in administrative management when he earned an MBA from UDallas. He later used his experience and what he learned from the classes to launch a wealth management firm.

“The training I received at UD has equipped me to understand both the fundamental and advanced concepts of my field. For example, I’m currently brokering the sale of a client’s business to an international firm. I could not do that without the knowledge and expertise the studies for my MBA provided,” said Lowe.

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