Library Collection Named for UD Professor

Library Collection Named for UD Professor

A Career Spanning Five Decades

In the late 1950s, Professor Bruce Evans began an insurance career that has since spanned over five decades. Starting as a risks underwriter at Cigna Corp., Evans would eventually lead the reinsurance division for Transport Insurance Company as vice president. Concurrently, he went into consulting before finding his home at the University of Dallas just as the Graduate School of Management was being formed. “I heard that an MBA program had just been launched,” said Evans, who is now in his 42nd year teaching The Capstone Experience. One of the longest serving faculty members at the university, UDallas business students now take Evans’ course as a rite of passage.

Through the years, Evans accumulated numerous documents relevant to the enterprise risk management and reinsurance industry. UD students and faculty often recall shelf after shelf piled high with items documenting many eras of the reinsurance industry. “I collected bunches of information,” said Evans, “there were examination questions, solutions; meeting notes; articles; books – publications of all kinds!” Also among the items were confidential publications, correspondence with today’s largest reinsurance firms and many fragile publications. On multiple occasions, Evans served on arbitrations and was even an expert witness on several cases. He kept a stenographers copy of the trials among his many items as well.

Finding a Recipient

“The information contained in these documents could be useful to students and scholars of the field,” said Evans. Eventually, Evans knew it was time to find something to do with the documents. He reached out to several industry groups without ever receiving a response. With the announcement of SB Hall, the new building to house all of the college of business in one location, Evans knew it was time to find the items a permanent home.

“Many years ago, there was a reputable college of insurance in downtown New York,” said Evans. He found that the college, originally founded in 1901 as the Insurance Society of New York, had merged with St. John’s University to form the School of Risk Management in 2001.

After reaching out, Evans spoke to Ismael Rivera-Sierra, director of the Kathryn & Shelby Cullom Davis Library, which houses the world’s largest collection of risk and insurance literature, policies and related documents. The library’s roots began with the founding of the Insurance Society of New York where new professionals would gather to learn about the field. In 1974, the library was renamed for investment banker Shelby Cullom Davis and his wife Kathryn following their donation of a major endowment.

Having found an excellent recipient, Evans sent boxes full of his collected documents totaling 20 boxes to Rivera-Sierra.

A Unique Collection of Resources

“The resources are excellent and most are one of a kind,” said Rivera-Sierra, adding that the contents, “are a treasure trove of information for historians and researchers.”

The contribution from Evans is currently being added to the Davis Library’s Archives Collection; all of the items will be kept together as a collection named “The Bruce D. Evans Papers.”

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