Get More Out of Your Business Degree

Get More Out of Your Business Degree

Are you focusing on the wrong things when looking at business schools?

Business administration continues to be the most popular undergraduate and masters degree in the United States… and for good reason: business education can open a number of high-paying job opportunities and gives students exposure to topics that span from accounting and finance to public speaking and leadership development. But before applying to a particular program, it’s important to ask yourself “How can this program set me apart from graduates of other business schools across the country?”

More than likely, it’s not the skills that you learn that will set you apart, but rather the school’s commitment to investing in a business education that focuses on the formation of the whole person.

More Than Just a Degree

Moral Grounding

When selecting a school, think of your collective experience as not just getting a degree, but creating an opportunity to grow and become a better version of yourself – a better citizen, a better employee, a better leader.

Business programs rooted in moral teaching allow you to become well-versed in both fundamental business principles and also moral decision making that doesn’t compromise one’s personal or corporate values or integrity.

Ethical Leadership Formation

A business program focused on ethical leadership is one that focuses on respecting the dignity of other people and engages in these types of courageous conversations throughout all courses in the program.

Programs that focus on ethical leadership are focused on teaching you the tools to be a mover and maker of the world. A program taught through an ethical lens will teach you how to become a voice for those that are not heard by others and will teach you how to leave a legacy of leadership.

Today, our choices for education are more numerous than ever. When seeking an education, consider your ROI as more than salary potential, consider your ability to lead ethically and enact change in your communities and organizations.

Stephen Williams is a recent graduate of the University of Dallas. He holds an undergraduate degree in pastoral ministry with a concentration in youth and young adult ministry and a minor in business. Stephen chose UD because he wanted to go to a well-respected small liberal arts school. During his time at UD Stephen held a number of positions including co-director of Freshman Retreat, resident assistant, president of Co-Workers in the Vineyard, undergraduate intern for Campus Ministry, and a founding member of Alcohol Awareness week. Stephen graduated UD with honors and was awarded both “Best New Program of the Year” for being the student advocate for Alcohol Awareness Week and the Pastoral Ministry department Award for Co-Workers in the Vineyard. Stephen is a San Diego native and currently resides in the area. In the future, Stephen plans to continue working at the university level guiding and mentoring students.

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