4 Reasons Why I Chose UDallas

4 Reasons Why I Chose UDallas

The Decision-Making Process

Making the decision to attend graduate school is a critical one in any person’s life. Once the decision is made, the next challenge is sifting through all the programs and their offerings. A year ago, I was in those exact shoes.

I spent hours comparing and contrasting programs only to feel overwhelmed. I knew I was looking for a graduate business school that would prepare me for the competitive job market, but was also affordable and flexible. That is when I stumbled upon the Satish and Yasmin Gupta College of Business (SYGCOB) at The University of Dallas (UD).

The MBA program at UD has proved to be the best for many reasons. The following are my main reasons as to why (plus a couple bonus qualities!):

1. Program Design

The MBA program at the University of Dallas is streamlined and career focused. During my decision-making process, I came across schools that offered four or five MBA tracks with over one hundred electives. When I came across the program at UD, I found simplicity. I discovered that the school does not have to offer four or five programs because their one MBA track is all encompassing. (Just a side note, I am referring to the general MBA program, the COB does offer concentrations and other graduate programs).

2. Flexibility

Over 85 percent of graduate students at the SYGCOB work full time, making flexibility a heavyweight contender in the decision-making process. The ability to take classes on campus, online or both, allows the student to engage in a delivery method that is suitable for their lifestyle. In other words, there is no pressure in committing to an on campus track or a strictly online track; the student has the freedom to choose how he or she wants to learn.

3. Location

If a student chose to attend on campus classes, then he or she is in luck! UD is located between SH 114, 183 and Loop 12. Major highways like I-35, 635, and 121 are in close proximity. This means that UD is easily accessed from all parts of the Dallas-Ft. Worth metropolitan area.

4. Cost

It is no secret that a graduate degree can empty the piggy bank. As you learn in business, every investment has a return. Of course, your ROI (return on investment) will vary according to your field; however, considering that the current tuition credit rate per hour is $1,250, the time to recoup your money will be minimal compared to other high-priced business schools.

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Additional Reasons I Chose UDallas

I wanted to take the time to share some other program qualities that I can vouch for through experience. The UD MBA program has not only broadened my understanding of the business world on many levels, but it has given me opportunities to put this understanding to practice.
The following are program qualities that I feel have influenced this understanding:

Scholar-Practitioner Faculty

The professors of the UD MBA program don’t just talk the talk; they walk the walk by having their fingers on the pulse of the real world. A scholar-practitioner is a professor who maintains engagement in their industry. This allows the professors to translate real world experience to their students.

Student Body

The student body at UD is diverse. A class can have many levels of experience and culture. I have had classmates with years of business experience that have sharpened my soft skills and taught me aspects of business that are not written in textbooks. Similarly, I have had classmates from all across the globe that have been instrumental in broadening my ability to work with culture in a business environment.

Group Work

Let’s face the facts; group work in an academic environment does not have the best reputation. Many people even shiver at the thought of it, but I am here to assure you that this has not been my experience here at UD. A key factor in making group work successful at UD is the professors. They clearly define direction, roles, and goals that translate into cohesion amongst the group. The professors also take the time to introduce projects that are fun and challenging, keeping the students interests.

Overall, the MBA program at the Satish and Yasmin Gupta College of Business has been a world-class experience!

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